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Applied Music Program

Online music education at its Best

Launched in 2012, the Applied Music Program (AMP) is our music learning course which provides alternative music learning experiences to our students through quality instruction from some of the country's best musicians. Our drums, guitar, violin, piano, and voice lessons are crafted to ensure that students maximize their learning in each session.

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The guitar is a fretted musical instrument that usually has six strings. It is typically played with both hands by strumming or plucking the strings with either a guitar pick or the fingers/fingernails of one hand, while simultaneously fretting with the fingers of the other hand.

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The voice is considered the human instrument. Singing is produced when lungs pump air into the vocal folds, which in turn, vibrate to produce pulses that form the sound source.

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The piano is an instrument that has the same mechanism as that of a Dulcimer: meaning, you hit the strings to produce a sound. The piano has hammers used to hit the strings which produce the sounds. It has 88 keys which makes it the instrument with the widest range of notes.

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Hear from our parents and students

"We’re very satisfied with both the face-to-face and online lessons. I have 3 kids who’ve learned piano and guitar from Applied Music Platform; and I am so impressed at how their teachers developed their skills, more importantly, the passion and enthusiasm that are evident as they play the musical instruments."

Joel Calamiong

"I came across teacher Reg and has been with them a full year already. First time meeting the teachers made me really feel at ease and gave me an assurance that my kids are in good hands. Being with them is like being in a family, teaching with a heart. You'd know that what they are doing is more than just a business or a job, there's a passion to teach music. You get your money's worth plus more!"

Grace Hermogenes

"As a homeschooler family, we are very blessed to have found the AMP. The people there, all of them from the owner to the teachers were so nice and generous. Most importantly, we love our piano teacher here. He is so nice, always calm, and very generous. Their teaching follows the student's ability. They teach here execution, techniques, and music theory. Our son learned a lot from them. Additionally, their environment feels like a real music school, they have grand pianos and harp."

Reziel Jamero Jacob

"My children have been enrolled with Sounds Kradle Inc. for 2 years now. They've been taking violin lessons with one of their most patient and engaged teachers that I know. I am very glad that even with this pandemic, their violin lessons still continue through their online classes with very flexible options. As a parent, it gives me great joy to see my children's confidence in themselves, their natural ability and sense of fulfillment grow. Thank you Sounds Kradle Inc. for continuing to provide these lessons to our kids."

Kathleen Limchiko Chow

"The teachers are vey encouraging and supportive. They most definitely have deepened my kids' passion for music. They have helped my kids improve not just in terms of skills but most importantly in terms of self-discipline and accountability."

Mariel Tablan

"I like having voice lessons with my teacher because whenever I have a problem with a note she always helps me. She never forgets my notes after each lesson and I use these as my guide to rehearse daily. She is encouraging and she helps me become better at singing."

Mikayla Tablan


2023 Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition


2021 Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition Elimination Round

Contestants and Schedule for Elimination Round


2021 Kayserburg Youth Piano Competition Philippines

Student category and Open category with finals round to be held in Guangzhou China.


Applied Music Program Launched!

We are now fully-online! Read this for a seamless transition to your very own AMP account.


First-time Philippine representatives win top awards from international youth piano competition in Guangzhou, China

2019 Pearl River - Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition


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