Applied Music Program Launched!

September 9, 2020
Online lessons

We are happy to announce that the APPLIED MUSIC PLATFORM, our very own web-based music learning platform, was launched last August 31. We will gradually migrate all our music lessons to this platform from this day onwards.

For students who have signed up in the Sounds Kradle website, you may follow the steps below to make the transition to the new platform easy and seamless!

Step 1: Confirm your SoundsKradle account sent to your email
Step 2: Set a password
Step 3: Login to your account here

Once you're logged-in, you will see your schedules in the Calendar. To enter your class, click the schedule under the date with the student's name.

A small window will appear showing the class details. Click the View button.

After you've clicked the View button, a window will pop up. Click the Launch Online Lessonspace button.  

The classroom will open in another window. Your browser will ask you if you would allow access to the camera and microphone settings. Click allow.

Lastly, make sure that your camera and microphone are set to 'on' in the classroom's page. Then click the Join button.

And voila! You're inside the classroom!

Since we are still in Beta(testing) phase, If you encounter any problem in using the platform, feel free to contact us through the following channels:

Email: platform@soundskradle.com
Call/ Text/ Viber : +639178978852

For those who have yet to sign up, click here.

We look forward to learning with you in this new normal that we live in.
Stay healthy, stay safe, and let's make wonderful music together!

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