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The modern Drum kit is a set of drums, normally 5 pieces, with cymbals that are set up on stands designed to be played by a single player using a pair of drumsticks by the hands and pedals by the feet hitting the instrument. Today, one can choose between an acoustic drum set or an electronic drum set. The different sizes of drums produce different kinds of pitches, although these are called indeterminate pitch. The 5-piece drum kit can always be extended from the basic configuration by adding more drums, more cymbals, and more percussions.  

The drum class of the Applied Music Platform is designed for anyone ages 7 years or older who wish to develop the fundamental skills or further their existing skills in playing the Drums. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, our teachers are more than equipped to enhance your skills by giving quality instruction both in theoretical and practical aspect.


Sandy Baliong

Sandy Baliong has been part of our Applied Music Program faculty since 2016. He is passionate about helping kids and teens to discover their God-given musical talents and to love playing the drums.

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Luke Sigua

Luke Sigua has been a part of our Applied Music Program faculty since 2018. An up-and-coming session musician, he is the mainstay drummer of local artists such as Moira dela Torre and Keiko Necesario.

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