The name Schimmel stands for quality. 1885 was a momentous year for Wilhelm Schimmel. It was in May of this year that he built his first piano. Inspired by a pioneer spirit and single-minded perseverance, his maxims were always oriented to the expectations of his customers. They could hear and feel the love and care with which his instruments were built and how they were up to standards of tone quality and touch which even at that time were high. Up until today nothing has changed in this respect. Schimmel stands behind the wonderful musical creations that bear their name.

The Schimmel Collection


The transparent piano


The piano from the future

K 280 Tradition

The grand piano for great moments

K 256 Tradition

A class of its own

K 230 Tradition

Perfect Sound

K 219 Tradition

The fount of good sound

C213 Tradition

The Innovative Schimmel Trilogy

K 195 Tradition

Brilliant Finish

C 189 Tradition

For discerning pianists

K 175 Tradition

In a world of wonderful tonal colors

C 169 Tradition

Without compromises

K 132 Tradition

Perfection meets aesthetics

C 130 Tradition

Harmony in sound and Performance

C 126 Tradition

Ideal Proportions

K 125 Tradition

Selection for a first-class Tone

K 122 Elegance

Modern, noble, and timeless

C 116 Tradition

Most favored model

C 116 Modern

Outstanding Design

C 116 Modern Cubus

An accomplished treat for the senses

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