Joshua Royeca


Joshua Royeca is one of the newest members of our guitar faculty and is our very first bass teacher. He is a double bass player of the University of the Philippines Symphony Orchestra and the bassist of the wedding band 3rd Avenue.

Teacher Joshua graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Double Bass from the University of the Philippines in 2010. As a student musician, he was a delegate in the ASEAN China Cultural Exchange (2006), won first place in the Double Bass Category C of the National Music Competitions for Young Artists (2005), and was a member of the prestigious SAYOWE Southeast Asia Youth Orchestra (2004). At present, he is a session artist who has worked with local artists such as Richard Poon, Yeng Constantino, Piolo Pascual, and Sam Milby. He was also previously the resident bass player of comedian Allan K (2012-14).

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