A unique and bold masterpiece

The Pegasus, at first, was just a daring flight of fantasy on the part of the eccentric German designer Professor Luigi Colani and the German piano manufacturer Nikolaus W. Schimmel, who inherited a pioneer spirit from his grandfather and father. But they both made it a reality.

It was their vision to free the grand piano, the most expressive of traditional acoustic musical instruments, from its form, which had hardly changed in the past 150 years. Sound and form, form and sound were to permeate these new extraordinary instruments, and the pianist was to be an integral part of them.

Prof. Luigi Colani, is regarded as an eccentric among the German designers internationally. He is an aerodynamics expert, so he designed the Pegasus without edges and corners. Gracefully curved for the eye. Sensually rounded for the hands.

The Pegasus features an electric-driven lift mechanism that silently raises or lowers the top, as if by magic. The integrated piano stool, which can be extended in width for duet playing, conveys a feeling of complete harmony between the pianist and the instrument.

The Pegasus grand can be ordered in any colour available in a high grade automobile lacquer, setting virtually no limit to your personal taste. A piano for individualists.

L x H x W (cm):  300 x 172 x 112     Weight (kg): 520